Why You Should Start Your Own Online URL Shortening Business

Starting your own business can be quite a challenge. Not only are you responsible for choosing the field and focus of your business, you are in charge of the day-to-day operation as well. It’s no wonder that so many “would be” Internet entrepreneurs are choosing to base their new businesses around proven business models. There are many Internet marketplaces that offer website duplicates or “clones” to the public. Whether you are interested in a Flippa clone, to sell other people’s websites, or something as simple as a product review site, choosing to purchase a proven business model is the right decision.

One of the newest, but most lucrative business websites currently available are URL shortening websites. If you are unfamiliar with what a URL shortening website is, it is very simple. If you’ve ever spent any time sharing links on social media sites like Facebook, you’ll notice that every once in a while a link you’re trying to share has an incredibly long URL. Sometimes these URLs are too long to be shared and that can quickly become a problem. Some pretty smart programmers got together and came up with a solution, URL shortening websites like Adfly.

You too can get in on the action by getting an Adfly clone for yourself. Now, you may be asking how a URL shortening website like an Adfly clone could make money, right? It’s pretty simple, when a user visits your Adfly clone to shorten their URL they are offered a lucrative deal. Everyone that clicks on that user’s link will be referred to a landing page which contains ads that are related to the content they are providing. The user can make some money off of the traffic they are referring to these ads, while the Adfly clone owner can make money off of the ads as well and the visitor is introduced or redirected to useful content related to their interest. So the entire transaction is a win-win for all parties.

It should come as no surprise that this business model is quite successful. One of the best features of this business model is the hands-off nature of the website. As the owner of the website, the sole task that you are in charge of is making sure that everything runs smoothly. Whether that means hiring a personal assistant to periodically check on the site or just doing it yourself, it’s totally up to you. Once your website is established and your marketing program is set up, there is nothing else really for you to do. You can literally sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

Whether you want to increase your revenue by sending more traffic to your domain or if you would like to focus your efforts elsewhere, you can be assured that this revenue stream will be there.
There are a variety of other websites scripts or clones available over the Internet, so don’t limit yourself. If you take the time to look, and much more importantly to follow through, using pre-established business models and clones are a great way to make money online.